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Lucious Mouthfeel and a Rich Mid-Palate.
$17.00 per Bottle

Gewurztraminer 2017, dry.


$22.00 per Bottle

2017 Vidal Blanc blend, dry. Brilliant acidity with stone fruit and citrus flavors.

$22.00 per Bottle

Carmin 2016 dry, French oak Aged                                                                                           

Grape: Estate Grown Cabernet Franc                

$35.00 per Bottle

Grand Vin Carmin 2015 dry, full body, grippy tannins, oak

Grape: Estate Grown Cabernet Franc


$36.00 per Bottle
$24.00 per Bottle

DemiLune 2017 sweet       (NEW RELEASE)                                                

Grapes: Traminette & Vidal Blanc; It’s been said that Traminette is Riesling’s sexy little sister! It's so true!

$20.00 per Bottle

LaFemme 2018  Dry rosé                                       

This sexy sipper is fun and flirty, and pairs well with life: brunch, picnics, patios and summer nights. 


$18.00 per Bottle

Light of the Moon 2017, a semi-sweet Seyval Blanc, is a Limited Edition meant to pair with the Texas Groove sounds of the band, Midnight River Choir. 

$22.00 per Bottle
Due to the limited availability of this item, the maximum order quantity is 12.

This dry Chambourcin rosé is the perfect summer sipper and an official Illinois bicentennial wine for 2018.

$15.00 per Bottle

The 2018 #Smashtag Obsession is a sweet rose of Chambourcin grapes from Silver Creek Vineyards. You will be obsessed with her sultry notes of raspberry, dark berry and pomegranate.

$22.00 per Bottle

2016 Chardonnay blend

$24.00 per Bottle