' Danenberger Family Vineyards - Whites


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2016 Chardonnay blend

$24.00 per Bottle

2017 Vidal Blanc blend, dry. Brilliant acidity with stone fruit and citrus flavors.

$22.00 per Bottle

Gewurztraminer 2017, dry.


$22.00 per Bottle
Lucious Mouthfeel and a Rich Mid-Palate.
$17.00 per Bottle

Light of the Moon 2017, a semi-sweet Seyval Blanc, is a Limited Edition meant to pair with the Texas Groove sounds of the band, Midnight River Choir. 

$22.00 per Bottle
Due to the limited availability of this item, the maximum order quantity is 12.

DemiLune 2017 sweet       (NEW RELEASE)                                                

Grapes: Traminette & Vidal Blanc; It’s been said that Traminette is Riesling’s sexy little sister! It's so true!

$20.00 per Bottle