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Double Barrel

Double Barrel 2017 Bourbon Barrel Aged

Special Release: 270 numbered & signed bottles

22 months French oak; 6 months Bourbon Barrel Aged in a Four Roses barrel recipe OESV; 6 months bottle aging

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This very small batch of Cabernet Franc is rich and spicy. Double Barrel’s dark, deep ruby red color hints at the flavors that follow – dark cherries, blackberry and ripe plums with black velvet chocolate cake and vanilla bean spice in the background. A hint of bourbon and tobacco lingers on the finish.

22 months in French oak, followed by Secondary aging in a Four Roses bourbon barrel results in a whole new level of depth, flavor and smoky intensity that is framed by soft, chewy tannins from our Cabernet Franc grapes. A hint of bourbon and tobacco lingers on the finish. Mashbill barrel recipe OESV. 270 Bottles.

Vineyard Designation

DFV Illinois
Vintage 2017
Wine Style Bold Red Wine
Varietal Cabernet Franc
Size 750 ml