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Almost Elton Tix

Almost Elton John at DFV! 11/13/21 7pm $15/pp

Jerred Price, aka "Almost" Elton John, will blow you away with his tribute to his idol, hero, and friend: SIR ELTON JOHN!  Jerred is a self taught pianist/singer who first started playing piano at the age of three.  In 2014, he started headlining his own show at Hard Rock Cafe on world famous Beale Street in Memphis, TN.  As his crowds grew, so did his venue.  Jerred now is an artist in Residency at the legendary Lafayette's Music Room which has been graced by the presence of such artist as Billy Joel, KISS, Leon Russell, and more!


Jerred was the featured performer at Elton John's 60th Birthday celebration in New York City at the Elton John AIDS Foundation's "Lunch Around The World" event.  Jerred's mannerisms, vocals, outfits, and piano playing will think you are in front of the Rocket Man himself.  Crowds of 50 to 50,000+, he has done them all!  

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